My name is Todd Bridges “Archer” and I am a Pacific Northwest photographer that is an explorer and adventurer at heart and full of curiosity. Deep Woods Therapy is my blog and brand and you can follow along my sporadic outdoor adventure life by checking this blog often.  When I purchased this domain I was asked by many telemarketers if I was providing a medical service and my response was ‘only for myself’, but I am sharing my therapy with the world through my images. Reconnecting with nature and exploring all the beautiful places that are abundant here in the Pacific Northwest is what makes the quality of life here so amazing.

 Photography is a means for me to collect and hoard my memories and experiences to share with family and the rest of the world. My affinity is nature photography and the wildlife, mostly birds, that I find along the way, but as I observe there are many things outside of that category that capture my attention. My exploration of the PNW also includes many tourist attractions and urban places. My hope no matter what the subject, is that I capture an image that represents its beauty and essence in a way that resonates with others and inspires them to get out and explore their world.

I am developing my presence as a photographer online and will be adding links to my portfolio gallery and places where my prints can be purchased in the near future. To see more of my photos check out my Facebook page at Archer Shoots Photography and thank you for letting me know you stopped by!

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