Best of Deep Woods Therapy 2014-2015

Photographs tell stories and photographers spend a lot of effort finding ‘their voice’ in the images they create. Through the better part of a decade now I have developed a voice around images that find beauty and an elegant aesthetic in everyday common things. As I spend more time outdoors reconnecting with nature I have found this to be incredibly beneficial to my mental and physical health. Many of my images contain a sense of calmness and relaxation with a positive yet subdued energy. This act of self care that gets me out in the world to explore my surroundings is what I call Deep Woods Therapy, but it includes city green spaces, waterfronts and beaches, too. Thinking back to my younger years of the frenzy of city life and career development accompanied by several recurring bouts of debilitating episodes of depression, it saddens me to think how oblivious I was to the colorful and vibrant world of trees, plants and flowers all around me and even though I could hear the birdsongs that filled the air I was oblivious to their origins. Now that I’m older and my vision and hearing are beginning to falter and decline… I appreciate these sights and sounds so much more and love discovering their names and history. My hope is that you the viewer will also develop this deeper appreciation along with me, whether or not you’ve been oblivious like me or well versed in the natural world for several years. Enjoy the gallery!

PS – If by chance I have mislabeled anything in my photo titles of the birds, trees, fungus or flowers etc. please don’t be shy about reaching out to me with a correction… I am learning and prone to making mistakes and appreciate learning opportunities. Thanks in advance.

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