Years in Review Best of Deep Woods Therapy 2013-2014

For those of us with a “too critical” self-editor that is constantly telling us our creative work doesn’t stack up to the quality we see in others producing similar artwork “professionally”, I apologize in advance for the late date I am finally getting around to blogging for work done 8 years ago. In light of this personal shortcoming, a lot of good work has been kept from public view that needs to find a home here where anyone interested in Deep Woods Therapy will first land. As this post is edited and grows in image content I will also add links to other websites where my content exists, portfolios, slideshows etc. Each image has been titled with my best attempt at defining the major subject and its location, the Metadata should have all the other timestamp and technical information if it is included in the upload. If that is not the case and you are interested in those details, please reach out to me and I will share that information with you. I know how much I have learned by examining that data of other photographers images that I enjoy viewing online while searching for fellow travelers and mentors following their passion and artistic perspectives. Enjoy the gallery!

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