Newcastle Beach and Blue Angels 08.05.17

First weekend in August in Seattle usually means Seafair and all the activities that go along with it. Parades on land and water, pirates, hydroplane boat races and the Blue Angels are all some of the highlights of the week long festival. This year we were not sure if the weather conditions would allow the Blue Angels to perform, since the whole Puget Sound region is blanketed in a thick haze from all the wildfires burning up in Canada and the Jet Stream coming from that direction instead of the usual trek along the sea coast.

Our vantage point was not the greatest, but we wanted to avoid the traffic nightmare of other popular parks like Magnusson and Seward Parks where everybody goes to see the hydroplane races and Blue Angels. Newcastle Beach is in the Renton/Bellevue area along the shore of Lake Washington just south of the I-90 bridge, which is closed down every year for a few hours the 3-4 days the Blue Angels practice and perform. We knew we would be able to see some of their show, but we didn’t know how much Mercer Island would block the low parts of the show. It did… a lot.

Newcastle Beach has a small nature trail and seems to be a popular place for eagles, hawks and osprey to perch in the trees along the trail. None of my bird pictures turned out, but I was glad that some of the long distance Blue Angels shots were not as bad as I thought. We had a great day at the beach, the kids ‘mostly’ obeyed the lifeguards on duty. Nobody got hurt!

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