March Point Tidelands and Larabee Park 07.02.17

On the way back home from Our Orcas Island getaway, we left Bellingham early Sunday morning after exploring Boulevard Park and enjoyed the less hectic drive down Highway 11, known as Chuckanut Drive and stopped at Larabee State Park to climb perilously along some rocks over looking Samish Bay. We never seem to make this drive when we have time to commit the full day to a single hike, but we pass by the Oyster Dome trailhead and make mental notes that we need to come up this way and make that hike our destination.

We headed west on Highway 20 and thought about stopping at Deception Pass again, but I had seen some interesting pictures somewhere from March Point Tidelands and wanted to spend time checking it out instead. We almost missed the exit right past the Swinomish Casino and as we made our way back behind the casino we saw several cars parked along the road and several camera jockeys with huge lenses. Out in the tidal flats were several heron and at a further considerable distance a large flock of trumpeter swan. My small lens and I settled for the closer heron and a very annoyed eagle that would not turn his head back toward me or acknowledge my presence at all.  The rest of the drive around March Point we felt like we were being followed by some refinery security goons who never attempted to approach us, but just wanted to let us know they were watching. We read all the warning signs and had no intention of breaking their “no overnight camping” rules.

The final stop on our journey, after taking the Port Townsend ferry and crossing the Hood Canal Bridge, was at Kitsap Memorial Park. We were lucky enough to get there right before sunset and the park has a very nice beach. Judging from all the shells on the shore this is a good place to find Pacific Oysters, although I wouldn’t want to do that during the hot summer months. Unfortunately by the time we made it down to Gig Harbor and the Tacoma Narrows bridge it was too dark for good pictures, but this is close enough to home that it can be easily done another time.

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