Close to Home at Spanaway Lake and creek 07.31.17

Living in Kenmore for a few years spoiled Tammy and I with the Burke Gilman trail practically right outside our front door, making a quick nightly walk down to Log Boom Park or Bothell Landing a relaxing way to end the work day. We don’t have the luxury of enough time to do that every day now and the walk to Spanaway Lake isn’t relaxing in a few high traffic areas. Spanaway Lake and the creek that feeds it has some nice walking trails that we have been on several times. I don’t know why, but we have never walked back along the creek trail to the access bridge for Enchanted Island. The homes along the shore of the lake are all very quaint.

After a busy Saturday it was nice to just kick back close to home and not get too crazy about too much walking and driving. We really should do this more often.

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