Orcas Island and Moran State Park 07.01.17

From sun up on the ferry over from Anacortes to sun down, we were able to pack a lot of great sights on this day trip but it was very exhausting for a relaxing island getaway. Moran State Park and Mount Constitution were the main draw of this excursion, everything else just fell into place as the mood struck. Tammy wanted to share our love of outdoor adventuring with the rest of her family, who really would have rather spent the day at a nearby casino. Lesson learned! After getting a late start we still were able to get a few short hikes in and drive around the eastern half of the island checking out all the scenic views along the way. The outdoor cafe bartender at Rosario resort was very gracious by allowing us to continue walking along the path we were on even though we were not guests of theirs. The drive back down from Mount Constitution observatory was accentuated by several deer grazing along the highway. We got just enough exercise walking on the Little Summit and Cascade Falls trails after spending most of the morning at The New Leaf at Outlook Inn and later for lunch at The Lower Tavern. Good food is not in short supply on this island… the only thing we missed seeing were Orcas.



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