Franklin Falls near Snoqualmie Pass 06.11.17

Took a nice scenic drive up I-90 almost to Snoqualmie pass for a kid friendly hike on the Franklin Falls trail since we had Chris and his son Enzo tagging along today.  The trail was in great condition and the weather was mild and perfect. There wasn’t much bird or wildlife activity, most likely because there is a lot of human activity close by. We passed the Denny Creek campground on the way to the trailhead and all the Snoqualmie Pass ski resort outdoor fun is not far off either. There were lots of interesting trees and vistas along the river to make the trail enjoyable. Everybody else went all the way down to right under the falls, but I was less adventurous with all my camera equipment and nothing to prevent water damage. Still managed to get some great shots of the falls from my vantage point. On the way back home we also stopped at Snoqualmie Falls and only spent a few minutes on the upper falls viewpoint walk.

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