Capital Lake and Heritage Park in Olympia, WA 06.03.17

Wanted to explore down south around Olympia and the state capital building, so we left Spanaway on 507 and took the back roads instead of I-5, which took us through Roy and Yelm on the way. A few great shots of the railroad the runs along the highway before getting to Roy. Outside Yelm we stopped at Jenny’s Barnhouse restaurant and had a great greasy spoon meal that would give us the calories we needed to burn on our adventure today. We walked completely around Capital Lake and crossed the Deschutes Parkway to explore the southern area of West Bay Park along an old abandoned railway bridge. Honestly, the shots of Capital Lake turned out much better than expected… it is a very dirty looking lake in person, which is expected I suppose in such an urban environment. You would think with all the environmentalists around this state, the lake right outside the Capital Building would be pristine and a shining example of that effort. As it is, I feel sorry for the wildlife that have to use this lake for a home. They deserve better!

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